Theo's sources the freshest and most refined seasonal and yearly products on the market. We pride ourselves in showcasing an extensive selection of oysters and shellfish from around the globe. Our menu offers seafood delicacies not often found in restaurants in New York, such as the Scarlet Shrimp aka. Carabinero from the coasts of Spain, the African King Prawn from the coasts of South Africa and Langoustine Scampi from the coasts of Portugal. 

Our cuisine is one of modern simplicity, our dishes are created to showcase the flavor and freshness of their ingredients, not to hide them. Heavy cream and Chicken stock has been substituted for Gluten-Free Yogurt based sauces and vegetarian stock. Our daily fish selection can be inspected at our fish display and our fishes can be prepared either perfectly charcoal grilled or baked in a cave of Sea Salt and Thyme (a signature preparation, which encapsulates the fish's moisture without adding saltiness to the flavor)